Q: Do you support compilation with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET?


All releases after June 4, 2004 support compilation under Visual Studio .NET 2003. For releases before June 4, 2004, a change must be made in pbdfuncs.cpp. In the function set_freq, set_phase, and pb_inst, a call to the function pow(double, double) is made:

pow(2, 32)

In each function, this call to pow must be changed to:

pow((double)2, (double)32)

This change should allow the use of Visual Studio .NET.

Q: Can your boards be used with LabVIEW?


We have customers that use LabVIEW to control the boards. Please view www.pulseblaster.com/CD/labview_info for more information.

Q: We are having difficulty calling a function from the provided PB01US01.dll file with Visual Basic.  Can you provide information about how to handle this problem?


Our PB01US01.dll file exports the functions using the C calling convention.  You can find information about how to call such functions from Visual Basic  on Microsoft's MSDN website at


We do not provide a .DEF file, so you need to add an alias clause to your declare statement, as stated at the bottom of the article.