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Submitted by: Qi Zhao (qz2106@columbia.edu)
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 11:55 AM

3DiCSI Software from Columbia University, New York


    Hatch MR Research Center, Columbia University, New York, New York, would  like to make the 3D Chemical Shift Imaging software freely available for the research community.

    Here is a short description of our software:

3D Interactive Chemical Shift Imaging (3DiCSI) is an interactive, user-friendly, and comprehensive software program for multi-dimensional CSI data visualization, spectral processing/analysis, spectral localization, and quantification. It currently runs on Windows platform and is provided as a software free for research.

    The download link for the software is http://hatch.cpmc.columbia.edu/software.html

Qui Zhao
Columbia University

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