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From: "Gump Zhao" <gumpzhao@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2004 5:10 PM

New Software: Pocket NMRinfo


  I made an application running on microsoft pocketpc based handhold mobile device and let you search a lot of information related to NMR very easily and quickly.

  I would like to share it with other NMR peoples. If someone think it is useful, I will be very happy.


readme of pocket NMRinfo==========================================================================

_/_/                                                              _/_/
_/_/             Application: Pocket NMRinfo                      _/_/
_/_/             platform   : Ms pocketPC 2002 or higher          _/_/
_/_/             device     : Arm,Xscale,I486                     _/_/
_/_/             Web        : http://ganglion.unl.edu/pocketnmr/  _/_/
_/_/             email      : pocketnmr@yahoo.com                 _/_/
_/_/                                                              _/_/

This application is running on pocketpc based handhold mobile device
and let you search a lot of information related to NMR very easily and

The database included in this version contains elements' NMR properties
such as frequency; spin number;gyro magnetic ratio;natural abundance;
sensitivity;Quadrupolar coupling constant;common reference material etc.

Also, you can check 43 common used NMR solvents information including the
1H chemical shifts and 13C chemical shifts as long as multiplicity and
J coupling; density;melting point;boiling point;dielectric constant.

In chemical shifts section, six common observed nucleus were listed.
1H,13C,11B,17O,19F,31P. Chemical shift range of different struture
is shown in a list and you can also submit a ppm value and the program
will list all the possible strutures for that chemical shift.

The bruker 150 experiments part is still under construction. Since
i am close to graduation and very busy now, i can't finish that in this
version. Hopefully will included in the next version.

This is a freeware for individual use. Source code is available upon request.

Usage Instruction and update can be found at website:

to install:
If you already have embedded visual basic 2002 runtime library installed,
you can just unzip pnmrlite.zip(25k) and copy all the files into your PDA.
Excutable file will be pocketnmr.vb

Full installation package is pnmrinst.zip(823k). Unzip it on your desktop, then excute setup.exe, follow the instruction...

Suggestion and complains, feel free to drop me a line to pocketnmr@yahoo.com

                 \     /     
                 \\   //         
                  )\-/(        Xingang Zhao   
                  /e e\    Solid State NMR Group
                 ( =T= )   University of Nebraska
                 /`---'\   gumpzhao@yahoo.com
            ____/ /___\ \
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    `-._\ /                       `~~"--.,_
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