Contributed by Dr. Tom Pratum
  Western Washington University
  March 12, 2008

Sample NMR Spectra obtained with SpinCore RadioProcessor

     This page presents some representative high-resolution solid-state MAS NMR spectra obtained by  Dr. Tom Pratum of Western Washington University at 7 Tesla using SpinCore RadioProcessor boards.  Spectra and their descriptions are priovided as obtained, with minimum editing.

2D PASS - Anisic Acid, 13C Solid-state high-resolution MAS NMR

2D PASS Anisic Acid

Figure 1. 2D plot from a 2D PASS experiment (13C MAS sideband separation). Sample: anisic acid.  Cogwheel phase cycling,  11 phases in 360/11 increments, ran as separate experiments but written to the same file, appending the data for each increment.  Data processed with nmrPipe.

Ni2P - 31P NMR in the solid state under MAS

Figure 2. 31P spectrum of Ni2P spinning at about 3 kHz (1000 scans, the baseline has not been corrected for in any way). This might be interesting since the spectral width needs to be very large to obtain this (this spectrum covers over 400 kHz).  Processed using Mathematica.

ASTM - High-resolution solution-state 13C NMR


Figure 3. 13C test spectrum of ASTM, one scan, 7 Tesla, 75 MHz, ppm scale.  Processed using Mathematica.

Cross-Polarization - 13C NMR Adamantane with proton decoupling


Figure 4. 13C Adamantane Cross-Polarization Test Spectrum.   1 scan, 1 msec cross polarization CPMAS with proton decoupling .  Magnetic field strength - 7 Tesla, 75 MHz, ppm scale.  Processed using Mathematica.

13C high-resolution solid-state NMR under MAS - Anisic acid


Figure 5.  Anisic acid, 128 scans 1 msec CPMAS with proton decoupling, 13C high-resolution solid-state NMR.

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