SpinAPI - SpinCore Application Programming Interface

    This page contains information about the SpinAPI driver and control library, which supports the following SpinCore products:

- RadioProcessor (PCI and USB versions)
- PulseBlasterESR and PulseBlasterESR-PRO
- PulseBlasterDDS-III and PulseBlasterDDS-I
- PulseBlaster (all Models, PCI versions)
- PulseBlasterPlus! (v2)
- all Compact-PCI PulseBlaster boards.

        Older ISA boards and older USB devices (v1) are not supported at this time.

SpinAPI Download

      The latest SpinAPI release is available as part of the SpinCore Driver Suite, which can be downloaded  here. 

  API Documentation

    Reference documentation for the API can be found in the SpinAPI reference directory.  This document provides a description of all publicly available API calls for all products.  For documentation specific to a particular product, please see the product manuals

Compile Help

This document describes how to interface with the SpinAPI control library, which is used to control all SpinCore products, including PulseBlaster, PulseBlasterDDS, PulseBlasterESR, PulseBlasterESR-PRO, and RadioProcessor.

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