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SpinCore Technologies, Inc. specializes in embedded electronics research and instrumentation development for magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, ultrasound, spintronics, photonics research, and related resonance and test technologies.

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New Products

PulseWave2D-300 -- NEW! The PulseWave2D-300 offers easy sequencing of arbitrary waveforms with dual independent output channels, high speed output triggering, and a large waveform memory. Up to 8190 samples per waveform at 300 MSPS and 12 bit resolution is supported. The system is controlled via USB, and can be triggered through hardware or software.

2U Rackmount iSpin-NMR
2U Rackmount iSpin-NMR -- NEW! Our complete, portable NMR system is now available in a convenient and compact 2U Rackmount enclosure.

PBUSB Rackmount
PulseBlasterUSB Rackmount -- NEW! The 3U rackmount version of our PulseBlasterUSB, featuring 24 BNC outputs mounted on the front panel, 100 MHz clock frequency, and 4k memory words. The system is plug-and-play, controlled via USB, and includes an internal universal power supply. USB drivers and software for Windows are included, enabling the generation of complex pulse and pattern sequences for NMR, MRI, and related resonance and test technologies.

IDC-MMCX Adapter Board -- NEW! This adapter board provides an easy solution to accessing the 12 or 24 output signals from a variety of boards.

adapter board

SMA-BNC Adapter Board -- NEW! This adapter board is an easy solution to provide access to four additional output signals from the back panel of your computer.


RadioProcessor-G -- NEW! A system-on-chip solution for Magnetic Resonance Imaging! This state of the art design is an enhanced version of the SpinCore RadioProcessor, featuring the addition of three gradient voltage outputs. The RadioProcessor-G is capable of producing sophisticated pulse sequences comprised of RF, gradient, and TTL outputs, making it ideal for use in MRI, NQR, and NMR applications in gradient enhanced spectroscopy and diffusion measurements!


PulseBlasterDDS-IV-1000 -- NEW! Generate RF signals up to 400 MHz! We have interfaced our powerful PulseBlasterDDS RF generator with a state of the art digital to analog converter that provides a 1 GHz sampling rate. The DDS-IV-1000 outputs two independent pairs of quadrature data that are optimized to interface seamlessly with analog quadrature modulators (SSB up-conversion). Each DDS core has its own programmable frequency and amplitude registers. Includes interrupt functionality, hardware and software triggers, and a USB interface.

SpinCore TTL Line Driver

SpinCore TTL Line Driver -- NEW! Equipped with four input channels and 8 output lines, the Spincore TTL Line Driver is able to assure TTL levels over 50 Ohm loads. The SpinCore TTL Line Driver is the perfect tool to work with any TTL control applications.

Function Generator

Function Generator Software -- NEW! A simple, yet powerful user interface which allows output of commonly used waveforms. Waveform is shown graphically on-screen and output immediately to a PulseBlasterDDS-I or RadioProcessor.


Low-EMI PulseBlasterUSBTM -- NEW! A low electromagnetic interference version of our PulseBlasterUSB. This system features a low noise power supply, shielded enclosure, 8 output channels through TNC connectors and an external clock input connector.

500 MHz PulseBlasterESR MultiCore 8M Series -- NEW!
The 500 MHz PulseBlasterESR MultiCore 8MTM series utilizes multiple PulseBlaster Cores implemented on a new series of PulseBlasterESR PCI boards. The MultiCore design uses multiple proprietary PulseBlaster processor cores, specially designed for MultiCore operation on a single chip. These new designs allow the user to program and run independent programs on each core, up to 8388608 (8M) instructions in total, in parallel, while maintaining precise timing synchronization between the cores. At 500 MHz, these designs allow for 2.0 ns timing resolution.

PA100W - 100 W Power Amplifier Module -- NEW! Very compact broadband 100-Watt power amplifier with frequency range from 10 MHz to 100 MHz. Powered by a DC 24-28 V power supply. Available in several different configurations, including a blanking/enabling circuitry & enclosures with or without power supplies.

PulseBlaster LabVIEW Extensions -- NEW! Software package to control PulseBlaster functionality using LabVIEW.  New stand-alone GUI applications also available, no need to have LabVIEW installed.

NMR Permanent Magnets -- NEW! Permanent magnets to complement the iSpin-NMR system. Several models available.

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