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PulseBlasterESR QuadCore -- NEW! PulseBlasterESR QuadCoreTM is a 4-Core PulseBlaster design implemented on PulseBlasterESR PCI boards. The 4-Core design uses four of SpinCore's proprietary PulseBlaster processor cores on a single chip. This new design allows the user to program and run independent programs on each core, in parallel, while maintaining precise timing synchronization between the cores.

PulseBlaster LabVIEW Extensions -- NEW! Software package to control PulseBlaster functionality using LabVIEW.  New stand-alone GUI applications also available, no need to have LabVIEW installed.

PulseBlaster DDS-II-300 USB -- NEW! Equipped with 2 independent high frequency RF output channels available for agile pulse generation, that are fully synchronized with the digital outputs.  Also includes new interrupt functionality that allows for different operations when the interrupts are triggered.

NMR Permanent Magnets -- NEW! Permanent magnets to complement the iSpin-NMR system. Several models available.

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