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PulseBlasterDDS-II-300-AWG:  Programmable TTL and Dual Channel Direct Digital Synthesis RF Pulse Generator


The PulseBlaster DDS™ series of Intelligent Pattern and Waveform Generation boards from SpinCore Technologies, Inc., couples SpinCore’s unique Intelligent Pattern Generation processor core, dubbed PulseBlaster™ , with dual Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) units for use in system control and pulse generation.

The PulseBlaster’s state-of-the-art timing processor core provides all the necessary timing control signals required for overall system control and pulse synchronization. The additional DDS features allow the PulseBlaster DDS-II-300-AWG to provide not only digital (TTL) but also analog output signals from two independent RF output channels, ranging in frequency from 5 kHz to 100 MHz. This allows the PulseBlaster DDS-II-300-AWG to meet high-performance and high-precision complex excitation/stimuli needs of demanding users. The PulseBlaster DDS-II-300-AWG also provides users the ability to control their systems through the generation of fully synchronized (digital and analog) excitation pulses from a small form factor USB board. The PulseBlaster DDS-II-300-AWG also contains user-programmable Arbitrary Waveform Generation (AWG) capabilities for modulating the shape of the output waveforms for both analog outputs.

Key Specifications

  • Four vectored interrupts with programmable InterruptService Routine (ISR) registers
  • Interrupt enable registers to disable or enable interrupts on-the-fly
  • User programmable registers to specify which “NORMAL” vs. “IMMEDIATE” interrupts
    • Normal Interrupt: Waits for the current instruction to complete, then performs the ISR and returns to the start of the next instruction
    • Immediate Interrupt: Stops the current instruction immediately, performs the ISR and then returns to the beginning of the next instruction
  • Hardware and software interrupt triggers
  • 124 bit instruction memory words
  • 4K instruction memory words
  • Programmable Pulse Program start address allowing the user to program the board once with multiple pulse programs, then pick the program entry point with a single write to the board
  • Modifiable Pulse Programs while the core is running
  • User programmable default return-to state for core flags when the core is not running, allowing for full control of flag outputs by the user when the core is STOPPED
  • 1024 Frequency registers for each DDS output
  • 128 Phase registers for each DDS output
  • 1024 Amplitude registers for each DDS output
  • All DDS registers are programmable while the PulseBlaster Core is running


Complex, high-speed, multi-channel pulse, pattern, and word generation. Customers’ applications have included

  • Complete high IF digital excitation system for high field NMR/MRI (just add mixers!).
  • Complete bench test equipment for solid-state NMR probes (just add mixer and power amplifier!) - eliminates the need for wasting the precious magnet time.
  • Build a multi-qubit NMR quantum computing device at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
  • Use it for all-digital CRAMPS, SFAM, and other "exotic" solid-state NMR experiments.
  • Build a lock system.
  • Build a demostration NMR system with/for your students
  • Use it for Senior-Project and Masters' classes.
  • Use with your microcoil probe.
  • Build and control your own equipment for "hyphenated" experiments, LC-NMR, etc.
  • For more ideas, please visit our Applications page

Ordering Information

The PulseBlasterDDS-II-300-AWG is currently not available for online purchase.

Available firmware options for PulseBlasterDDS-II-300-AWG:

Firmware Phase registers
Frequency registers
Amplitude registers
TTL output signals
 8  16  4 12

Product Manual

Free Software Support

  • Available to supplement the SpinAPI Package:
    • Example programs (executables and C source files)
  • The SpinAPI package and other resources available for download on the Software Downloads page.
  • Interfaces and examples - LabView
  • Modulation Techniques example pages

Warranty Information

  • Standard warranty  - two years
  • Longer warranty periods available 
  • Money-back guarantee – 30 days.

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