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PulseBlasterESR MultiCore 8MTM Series : High Speed Programmable Pulse Generators and Digital Word Generators


The PulseBlasterESR MultiCore 8M series utilizes multiple PulseBlaster Cores implemented on a new series of PulseBlasterESR PCI boards. The MultiCore designs uses multiple proprietary PulseBlaster processor cores, specially designed for MultiCore operation on a single chip. These new designs allows the user to program and run independent programs on each core, up to 8388608 (8M) instructions in total, in parallel, while maintaining precise timing synchronization between the cores. At 500 MHz, these designs allow for 2.0 ns timing resolution.

All cores are driven by the same, single clock source. They can be synchronized to start at the same time and run two unique pulse programs/sequences concurrently. At 500 MHz, the available resolution of each pulse/delay/interval is 2.0 ns (one clock cycle), the minimum pulse/delay/interval length is 18 clock cycles, or 36.0 ns, and the maximum pulse/delay/interval length is 230clock cycles (~1.07 s). The 500MHz PulseBlasterESR MultiCore 8M has a total of 8M instruction memory words equally divided between cores. This equates to 4M instructions per Core for DualCore designs, and 2M instructions per core for QuadCore Designs.

Key Specifications

  • MultiCore Design
  • 8388608 (8M) total instruction memory words
  • 500 MHz clock frequency
  • Up to 4 BNC bracket mounted connectors
  • 50 ohm impedance matched outputs
  • Programmable pulse lengths from 36.0 ns to 1.07 s per instruction
  • 2.0 ns resolution between cores
  • PCI form factor.


Complex, high-speed, multi-channel pulse, pattern, and word generation. Possible applications include:

  • Experiment and process control in Electron, Nuclear and Quadrupole Resonances (ESR, NMR, NQR)
  • Mass Spectrometry and related test technologies
  • Ultrasound, radar, medical imaging
  • Laser control in advanced communication
  • Solid state physics experiments
  • Nanomagnetism and spintronics applications
  • Robotics and process synchronization
  • Data bus emulation
  • Simulation of high-speed moving/rotating parts
  • General laboratory use

Models and Ordering Information

PulseBlasterESR MultiCore 8M Series Model XX-YY-ZZ

  • XX Number of Cores.  Standard values are 2 or 4.   Other values are available upon request.
  • YY - Clock frequency, in MHz.  Standard value is 500 MHz.   Custom clock frequencies are available.

Sample Part Number: PBESR-8M-4-500
(4 Cores, 500 MHz Operating Frequency).

Model Number of Cores Clock Frequency Memory Words per Core Shortest Pulse Pulse Resolution
PBESR-8M-2-500  2  500 MHz  4M  36.0 ns  2.0 ns
PBESR-8M-4-500  4  500 MHz  2M  36.0 ns  2.0 ns

Available options

A number of off-the-shelf and custom options are available for the PulseBlasterESR DualCore:
  • Oven Controlled Clock Oscillator, when sub-ppm stability is required
  • Different clock frequency
  • CompactPCI or USB form factors (custom design)
  • Additional TTL output bits per core (custom design)

Product Manuals

Free Software Support

  • Example programs (executables and C source files) are available as part of the MultiCore SpinAPI package
  • The latest MultiCore SpinAPI package is available for download here.

Warranty Information

  • Standard warranty  - two years
  • Longer warranty periods available 
  • Money-back guarantee 30 days.

PulseBlaster QuadCore 8M Example Video

PulseBlasterESR QuadCore features: Four independently programmable channels, a pulse resolution of 2 ns, fully programmable offsets between channels with over 2,000,000 instructions per channel.


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