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Instructions for using LabWindows/CVI

    This document describes how to use LabWindows/CVI with current SpinCore software. Follow the steps below to run any desired c-program for any type of board. In addition, changes can be made to current programs and new programs can also be written by including these steps.

  1. Create a new project in LabWindows/CVI
  2. Add a c-program to the project by going to Edit->Add Files to Project->Source(*.c)... and selecting the desired program.
  3. Add the spinapi library by first right clicking on the "Source Files" file in the upper left panel and clicking "Add existing file...". Browse for the library, spinapi.lib. If installed in the default directory, it will be located at "C:\SpinCore\SpinAPI\dll\spinapi.lib". Select the file, click Add and then click OK.
  4. Disable requiring function prototype option by first selecting "Build Options" under the "Options" menu. Under "C Language Options" there should be a box that says "Require function prototypes." Make sure that box is NOT checked.
  5. Replace all the system("pause") in the program with getchar(). LabWindows/CVI will give an error when trying to run system("pause") and using getchar() does the same thing.
  6. Try to run the program. LabWindows/CVI will ask for the location of spinapi.h. Again if using the default directory, it will be located at "C:\SpinCore\SpinAPI\dll\spinapi.h". Also, if using a RadioProcessor board, it will ask for the location of the header file for whichever program is being run. This header file is located in the RadioProcessor file which is located at "C:\SpinCore\SpinAPI\RadioProcessor" if using the default directory.
  7. If the error, "Illegal type for symbol 'main' " is returned when trying to run the program, replace the main parameter "const char **argv" with "char* argv[]" and it should work.

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