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SpinCore RadioProcessor NMR Interface for MATLAB

*** 64-Bit Operating Systems Only ***

Note: Supported with MATLAB 2017a
and SpinAPI version 2017-01-11

The SpinCore RadioProcessor Interface is a series of programs created for the MATLAB environment that allow a variety of experiments to be performed quickly and easily with the SpinCore RadioProcessor board. The features of the interface are detailed below.

Features Include:

  • Run NMR experiments with ease, including Single Pulse, Hahn Echo, CPMG, and 90 Degree Pulse Width Detection.
  • Change experiment parameters quickly and easily.
  • Preview data in MATLAB immediately after the scan.
  • Combine the versatility of the RadioProcessor with the power of the MATLAB environment.
  • Quickly find resonant spectrometer frequency through automatic detection.
  • Easily detect important pulse width parameters using the 90 Degree Pulse Width Finder.
  • Find T2 for samples with a single exponential using CPMG NMR.
  • Scan continuously using a new setting for Single Pulse NMR.
  • Load and review data from previous Single Pulse NMR experiments within the interface.

The SpinCore RadioProcessor NMR Interface for MATLAB is designed for 64-bit operating systems only.

Download RadioProcessor NMR Interface (Release 12a)
Download previous versions of the RadioProcessor NMR Interface

NOTE: You must have the latest version of the SpinCore SpinAPI Driver Suite installed as well as MATLAB 2017a to use this software.

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