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SpinCore Function Generator

    The Function Generator software provides a simple but powerful user interface for SpinCore Technologies, Inc. RadioProcessorô and PulseBlasterDDS-I. It allows the user to change various parameters of a waveform which are visualized on screen and realized through the output of the hardware. This software removes the need to write custom code for functions which are commonly used in industry.

  • Provides common waveforms such as a sinusoidal, square waves, triangle waves, and ramps.

  • Allows easy changes of amplitude, frequency, offset, duty cycle, and symmetry.

  • Small changes to parameters are realized immediately on-screen and via hardware after they are made.

  • Compatible with most hardware devices which use SpinAPI, although this software has only been tested with RadioProcessorô

NOTE: All software packages offered by SpinCore are provided as is.

Download and Installation

Please verify that you have SpinAPI installed on your computer prior to installing the Function Generator. SpinAPI can be found here.

Version - (02-16-2011)  Link

Program Flow

     The function generator begins the process by acquiring the parameters input by the user. Using these parameters, the specified waveform is generated and presented visually onto the user's screen. In addition to this, the waveform is also uploaded into the hardware and the signal is output.

User Interface

The main window is the only window which is used in the Function Generator. It contains a variety of crucial objects which allow the user to change parameters and perform specific functions. The are categorized into the following groups:

Menu Bar
The menu bar allows the user to run various functions and change specific settings. It has the following menu items:

  • Board
    • Provides various functions specific to the board and not particularly with the function generator.
  • Side Panel
    • Allows the ability to show or hide the side panel, in addition to allowing the user to position the panel to either the left or right side of the window. This gives the user flexibility to position the side panel wherever they prefer.
  • About
    • Contains information about the SpinCore Function Generator.

Waveform Buttons
The waveform buttons are what allow the user to output a particular waveform. There are currently four options:

  • No waveform (Off)
  • Sinusoidal Wave
  • Square Wave
  • Ramp or Triangle Wave
When these buttons are pressed, the corresponding parameters will appear in the side panel and the wave will appear in the waveform display and the hardware output.

Side Panel
The side panel is the area where the parameters for each of the waveforms are available. It is important to note that values can be typed into the text boxes and will not be realized until the user presses the return key. When using the track bars, the text box will get updated but the waveform will not be output to the hardware until the track bar is released.

Waveform Display
The waveform display is where one period of the created waveform is displayed. The display uses hardware accelerated graphics in order to give a crisp and realistic visual of what will be output through the hardware.

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