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SpinCore .NET Extensions

    The following .zip files contain Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition projects. All source code is released under the GPL v3. This code is released as a beta version.

    To use these projects the SpinCore Driver Suite must be installed on your system. Please see the SpinAPI Installation Guide for more information on installation.

Package Description Link
SpinAPI.NET C# Extension Library This project compiles to a library that exposes the SpinAPI functions to C#. Source
PulseBlaster.NET Extension An intuitive .NET GUI designed in C# for the SpinCore PulseBlaster series of devices. This package requires the SpinAPI.NET C# Extension Library. Executable

When started, PulseBlaster.NET extension provides an interface similar to the one above. The interface provides for loading instructions to the board, starting and stopping the program, and editing of instructions.

Once loaded, check the "Board Number" field in the top left hand corner of the application. If no board is connected, the field will be disabled and no value will appear in "FirmwareID." If this is the case, attach at least one PulseBlaster board to the system. Boards should be detected automatically. Assuming there are boards attached, valid values for this field are 0 to one less than the number of boards attached, each value corresponding to one of the boards. Supposing the board listed in "Board Number" exists, its firmware ID number will be displayed below in the "FirmwareID" field.

Set the "Instructions" box to the desired number of instructions for the program. Instructions should appear or disappear in the bottom pane accordingly.

Each instruction box contains fields corresponding to the fields of a PulseBlaster instruction. Set the duration of each instruction under "Duration" and the corresponding time unit. A value equal to or less than zero is invalid and will return an error message, but a duration too small for the current clock speed will be accepted; be aware of this.

The checkboxes in the center of the instruction box correspond to the values of the associated TTL outputs on the PulseBlaster board during the given instruction. Set the checkbox for a high value and unset it for a low value.

Specify the behavior of the instruction from the "Flow Control" box. Set the behavior of the particular instruction from the "Code" dropdown box. If applicable to that code, set the instruction data in the field to the right.

Once the program is properly designed, load it to the board with the "Load Board" button at the top of the application. The execution of the program in memory can be controlled with the "Start/Restart" and "Stop" buttons.

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