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SpinAPI Installation and Uninstallation Guide

Windows Installation Instructions

    This section describes how to install the SpinCore Driver Suite on Windows machines.  This package can be used with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, x86 and amd64.  The instructions and most screenshots below are for Windows 7, however the procedure is virtually identical for other versions of Windows.

1. Disconnect all SpinCore products from the computer with the computer power off. Please uninstall any previous version of SpinAPI.

2.  Download and run the latest version of the SpinCore Driver Suite installer. On Windows Vista or Windows 7, please right-click the installer and choose 'Run as administrator.'

Run as Administrator

3.  Several prompts will appear showing you license information and other information about the software. Be sure to read and understand each page before clicking "Next >." After accepting the agreement and clicking "Next >" a few more times you will be prompted to choose a location for the files being installed. These items will also be accessible via the Start Menu once the installation has been completed. To continue, click "Next >".

                      Install Location

4.  Now you will see the following window. It lists the contents of the package. Most packages are divided into components which can each be installed to your computer or not. This window displays these components. Click "Next >".


5.  The wizard page shown below is a summary of the selections you have made. Review this information and click "Install" when you are ready.


6.  The setup application will now begin copying files to your computer. You will see a window like the one shown below.

                      Window Popup

During this process, the following window may appear pertaining to Windows Logo testing. You may safely choose to "Continue Anyway"

Windows Logo Testing

7. Once the installation program has finished, you may connect your SpinCore device to the computer.  If you have a PCI board, turn off your computer, insert the board into one of the free PCI slots, firmly secure your PCI board with a screw and turn the computer back on. If you have a USB device, you may simply plug it in without restarting the computer.  If you are using Windows Vista/Windows 7, you may skip to step 11 now.

Steps 8-11 are for Windows XP users.

8. You will now be prompted by the "Found New Hardware" wizard that it has detected your board. You do not need to search online for drivers, so choose "No, not this time."

Wizard Screen

9. In the next step, the Wizard should detect your board. The Installation Wizard will also display the model name of your board.  Please note that PulseBlaster devices will appear as something other than "SpinCore Technologies, Inc: RadioProcessor (dv2)".  Choose to install the software from a specified location, and click "Next"

Wizard Screen 2

10. Windows will then prompt for a directory to search. Check the box 'Include this location in the search' and select browse.

If you are using Windows Vista or later, browse to C:\SpinCore\SpinAPI and then select 'Include subfolders.'

If otherwise, navigate to the directory C:\SpinCore\SpinAPI\drivers.
  • For PCI drivers select the folder "pci".
  • For USB drivers select the cypress folder where you will find "wxp" for Windows XP or "w2k" for Windows 2000 or "wlh" for Windows 7.
  • For USB-PTS drivers select the "d2xx" folder.
Once the directory is selected, click the 'Next' button. This may take a few minutes. Again, during this process, a window may appear pertaining to Windows Logo testing. You may safely choose to "Continue Anyway"

Wizard Screen 3

11. A window will appear to indicate that the driver installation has finished. If Windows asks you to reboot your computer, please do so.

Wizard Screen

12. After installation has finished, you can check to make sure the device has been installed properly by looking in the Device Manager (instructions). Your SpinCore product will either be listed under the Multifunction Adapters category if it is a PCI board, or the Universal Serial Bus Controllers category if it is a USB device.  Your Device Manager (in Windows XP) should look approximately as follows:


Once the installation of SpinAPI is complete, you should install the example package and run some of the examples to confirm that the board is working correctly. You are now ready to begin using your new board!

If you have any trouble with the installation or have any questions, please contact us. We appreciate your feedback!

Windows Uninstallation Instructions

The uninstall application is in the same directory where SpinAPI was installed.
Typically in C:\SpinCore\SpinAPI.

1. Disconnect all SpinCore products from the computer with the computer power off.

2. Open the SpinAPI folder by clicking the Start button on the bottom left, click Computer, double-click C: Disk, double-click the SpinCore folder, double-click the SpinAPI folder.

3. Open the uninstall application named "unins000.exe". If prompted to allow the application to make a change to your computer, click "yes". When asked if you want to completely remove SpinCore Driver Suite and all of its components click "yes".

4. Wait for the computer to finish uninstalling. When prompted that uninstalling is complete, press any key to continue. You will then see a pop-up that says SpinCore Driver Suite was successfully removed from your computer, click "OK".

You have now successfully uninstalled SpinAPI.

If you have any trouble with the uninstallation or have any questions, please contact us. We appreciate your feedback!

How do I access the Device Manager?
  1. Press the Windows Key and 'R' or select 'Run...' from the Start Menu.
  2. Type 'devmgmt.msc' in the box and press 'OK.'

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