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PulseBlasterUSB: Portable, Programmable TTL Pulse Generator / Digital Word Generator and Timing Engine

PulseBlaster USB 2U Rackmount Portable Programmable TTL Pulse Generator   PulseBlasterUSB Bare Board

   PulseBlasterUSB is a portable, stand-alone, programmable digital pulse (TTL levels), pattern, and word generator. The system is plug-and-play, controlled via USB, and includes an internal power supply (universal A/C input, 90-265 V). The elegant and sturdy plastic enclosure is stackable and well shielded internally, with built-in quiet cooling fan and detachable dust filter. USB drivers and C software for Windows XP and Linux are included, enabling the generation of complex pulse and pattern sequences for NMR, MRI, ultrasound, mass spectrometry, and related resonance and test technologies.

Key Specifications

  • Standard clock stability of 100 ppm, with optional oven-controlled clock oscillator (OCXO) of 200 ppb
  • 24 individually controlled digital output lines (TTL levels)
  • Variable pulses/delays for every output line
  • Pulses ranging from 50 ns to over one week per interval with constant pulse resolution of 10 ns
  • 25 mA output current per channel
  • Up to 4k pulse/pattern program memory words
  • Advanced pulse program flow control
  • Nested loops, up to 8 levels
  • 20-bit loop counters (over 1 million repetitions at a time)
  • "Wait for event" function
  • High maximum retriggering frequency (above 1 MHz)


   Complex, high-speed, multi-channel pulse, pattern, and word generation. Customers’ applications have included

  • Experiment and process control in Electron, Nuclear and Quadrupole Resonances (ESR, NMR, NQR)
  • Mass Spectrometry and related test technologies
  • Ultrasound, radar, and medical imaging
  • Laser control in advanced communication
  • Solid state physics experiments
  • Nanomagnetism and spintronics applications
  • Robotics and process synchronization
  • Complex Pattern Generation

Models and Ordering Information

Model Price Order
  • 24 channels
  • 100 MHz
  • 4k memory words
  • USB
  • 10 ns pulse resolution
  • 50 ns shortest pulse

  • 24 channels
  • 100 MHz
  • 4k memory words
  • USB
  • 2U rackmount/desktop enclosure
  • 10 ns pulse resolution
  • 50 ns shortest pulse

Product Manuals

Free Software Support

  • Available as a part of the SpinAPI Package:
    • Example programs (executables and C source files)
    • PulseBlaster Interpreter for easy programming without writing C code
  • The SpinAPI package available for download on the Software Downloads page
  • Interfaces and examples - PBInterpreter, PulseBlaster.NET, LabView, Matlab

Warranty Information

  • Standard warranty - two years
  • Longer warranty periods available
  • Money-back guarantee – 30 days

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